Baby Girl

Baby Girl

February 3, 2009

It's a girl!

Making her first appearance on-line--Baby Girl Ralston! She is very active and seems to enjoy sucking her fingers & thumb. Her "official" due date is July 12th, however, given Mommy's delivery history, we're expecting her 7-10 days early.
We've decided to keep her name a secret until her arrival, mostly because it will take that long for Mitchell and I to agree on her name. However, we are still open to reasonable suggestions.
Kasey & Astella seem most receptive to a baby sister. Blake and Wesley will get over the simple fact that there will be no more boys in this family...I'm just not sure how long that will take. They all seem fairly excited to have a new baby coming--although I am quite certain they will think she's "broken" for the first little while because she doesn't do much.
Wish us luck!

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mama cow said...

I hope she does come early but I just dont want you to go through what I did. Cassie and Jessie were both about two weeks early so I was absolutely sure we would hve Ryan in October. The little turd didnt show up until November 2nd. Still "early" by 1 day. :)It would be neat to have a 4th of July birthday that is a good holiday to have a birthday on. You could name her Liberty